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German for Back to School

Hallo Studenten! I am Frau Hannah, your German language instructor!

We're back to school next month! In this class, we will cover the Basics of German for Back to School. We cover greetings and farewells, as well as some school vocabulary and helpful phrases.

After class, there is a project that is designed for individual practice. It builds on the information learned in class and test writing and reading skills. You can find it and all the detail in the Project and Resource section on my SkillShare page.

The only material needed for this course is you!

This class is perfect for beginner learners of all ages, and would also be a good refresher of foundational concepts for intermediate and advanced learners.

I look forward to communicating and connecting with you all!



Continue learning with me! ↓Links below↓

*Get a 1 month free Premium membership with my link!

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