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A Digital Nomad Visa In Canada???

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

digital nomad and his dog

Canada will soon join a select few countries around the globe that offer a digital nomad visa!

Is that true? Not quite.


For those who are unsure, digital nomads are individuals, such as bloggers and vloggers, who have jobs that allow them to work from anywhere in the world.

Under current Canadian immigration rules, digital nomads can enter Canada as tourists and stay in the country for up to 6 months. During these 6 months, they can continue working their remote job(s) while exploring all that Canada has to offer.

Unlike what some news outlets are reporting, this is not new.

What is new is Canada's Tech Talent Strategy. This strategy aims to promote the country as a destination for digital nomads.

digital nomad working from home

The pandemic highlighted that many jobs, especially tech jobs, can be done from home or remotely. This gives these workers the opportunity to be digital nomads. Should they choose to become digital nomads, Canada wants these workers to choose to work from Canada.

The idea is that if these workers come to Canada, then there will be a surplus of talented tech-based foreign nationals (someone who isn't a citizen of the country they live in) in the country.

This strategy hopes that, once they are here, many of these tech-based digital nomads will want to stay in Canada long term. So, they decide to apply for jobs at Canadian companies and obtain a work permit.

Should this strategy perform as projected, it will, not only contribute to Canada's economy, but also the country's need for more STEM workers.

A large section of this plan is aimed towards H-1B specialty occupation visa holders in America. As of July 16, 2023, those with this visa can apply for an open work permit that, if approved, will allow them to work for almost any employer across Canada for up to 3 years.

family at the airport

Have a family? No problem! Any dependents of these H-1B individuals will be eligible to apply for temporary residence in Canada on either a study or work visa.

Canada states this measure will be open for 1 year or until they receive 10,000 applicants (dependents of applicants do not count towards this number).

Similar improvements are being added, later this year, to Canada's Start-Up visa program.

So, is there a digital nomad visa in Canada? No. But, can you be a foreign digital nomad in Canada for 6 month or more? Yes.


We should hear more about the strategy in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details as they are released.

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