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Things My Students Have Said 1.0

student going to school

These are some of the funny conversations I've had with my students over the last few month.

It's really true that kids say the darnedest things.


Student: "Do you live alone?"

Me: "Yes"

Student: "Are you sad?"

  • The sass though!

Student: "Did you know there is a bad word in the word dictionary?"

  • I shut down this question fast!

Me: "If the name is Shonda, it's not his, it's...?"

Student: "What if their trans? We don't know."

Me: "...fair, but in this case Shonda is a girl, so what pronoun do we need here?"

  • I know this student was just being cheeky to get out of corrections.

Me: opens my phone to check the time

Student: sees my lock screen "Is that Jack Harlow!"

Me: "No, that's my partner"

Student: "He looks like Jack Harlow!"

Me: "He does not look like Jack Harlow"

But now that I think about it, he kinda does. Definitely doesn't act like him though.

Every time I open my phone to check the time now, he yells "Jack Harlow!" and says he missed him.

Student: "You have a boyfriend?"

Me: "I do"

Student: "Does he live with you?"

Me: "No, he stills lives at home with his mom"

Other Student: "Is he a momma's boy?"

  • I know I shouldn't laugh, but sometimes I can't help it.


If you're a teacher, what are some funny or crazy things your students have said?

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