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Series Complete! - A New City Every Month

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I did it...kinda! I went to a new city every month until the end of my Bachelors!

Some months I didn't go anywhere, but other months I went to multiple places so I'm still going to call it a success.


Here's the breakdown:


Texas & Minnesota

The first photo here was from the crazy rainstorm that happened in Texas in August. I was so happy in that moment, absolutely soaked from the rain, but happy. Something about it felt so cleansing and calming.

The flood was unreal, unlike anything I had ever experienced before though. I remember rushing into Austin Pets Alive and getting drenched in the 10 second run from the parking lot into the store. The worker there was so kind in giving both my mom and I some paper towels to dry off with. They gave us free shirts with the Austin Pets Alive logo on it too!

The second photo is of me getting ready for a business dinner in Minneapolis. We went to this place called The Loop West End and the staff was really kind. They made my dinner special order because of my allergies. It was delicious, but the portions were huge, so I took half to-go and ended up eating the rest in the airport the next day.

Not the biggest fan of Minneapolis honestly, I still don't quite understand why they call it the twin cities, but I do have so many special memories from that trip.


I can't remember exactly why I took this video in London, but this was a one piece that I was able to find while shopping at a thrift store in London. I love going to thrift stores when traveling, you never know what you'll find. The items are unique and usually cheaper. (Song - Mommae, Jay Park)

I also spent a day in Toronto for the Bridgerton event. This day was honestly so much fun. I got to be a princess for a day with my mom and sister. We danced, curtsied in front of the queen, and watched acrobatic performances.

I love dressing up, I hope I get another chance to be a princess for a day again lol.


Frau Hannah with a loved one

I definitely won't forget the trip to Toronto. It was such a beautiful time with one of my loved ones. I really miss having a hot tub in the backyard, especially in the snow.


Virginia & Michigan

Frau Hannah in sunglasses

December was such a crazy month of traveling! I was in the process of finishing my end of term stuff, so I ended up working a lot during my trip to Virginia, but I still got to enjoy the state and make so many beautiful memories. I definitely won't forget the Buddah Bowl at The Daily Kitchen, Bonnie, or how I felt laying in the sunshine. I really have loved my visits to the southern states.

Frankenmuth Michigan

Michigan was an interesting trip. The fam bam and I spent a day in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a city known for being an all year round German-ish Christmas town. This is a city you definitely have to visit if you get the chance, it's interesting to say the least.


Ski slopes at Blue Mountain

Gosh this place is beautiful. The spa was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. In the summer months they have some amazing trail walks and peddle boats on the water, so I definitely need to make another trip up again as the weather warms up.


Niagara Falls

I'm still in awe of this place. Whatever you think Niagara Falls looks like it, it is so much more than you could ever imagine. The falls are magnificent and terrifying. Truly a sight worth seeing. I'd like to explore more of the city and maybe stay at one of the hotels that overlooking the Falls someday.


Michigan? New York? Austin? Nova Scotia?

I want to do a grad trip somewhere, but I'm not sure where exactly just yet. Any suggestions?

I haven't written a blog post about Minnesota, Texas, or Michigan yet, so look forward to those in the coming months! (Texas is going to be a long one!)



I officially graduate in June 2023. It's crazy thinking my Bachelor's is officially done. I'm no longer an undergrad. It's both an exciting and terrifying fact. What's next? I still have a few options to decide on, which has been quite stressful honestly.

I think the short term plan so far is to get better at online teaching and blog writing, as well as continuing to improve my German and yours! Farther future plans, I will likely be moving to Germany for some time. I don't know when yet though.

Frau Hannah smiling

No matter what the future holds, I look forward to continuing to achieve our second language learning goals together!

See you on the next journey,

Frau Hannah, your traveling German and English language instructor!

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