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"The Queen's Ball" - A Bridgerton Experience - Toronto

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Frau Hannah on a red throne in a princess dress and tiara

At the end of my most recent trip, me and my family were in Toronto for "The Queen's Ball" - A Bridgerton Experience. It was a romantic evening of dancing, drinking, acrobatics and more, just like the royal balls in Bridgerton.

If you have ever wanted to be a princess at a ball, this is, without a doubt, the event for you!

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This event is based on the Netflix show 'Bridgerton', a Downtown Abbey style show set in the Regency era, that follows the characters of the ton as they try to find love amidst all the drama. The Bridgerton series is based on a non-fiction book series by Julia Quinn, which takes inspiration from history.

The Bridgerton ballroom

The evening started with us entering through a tunnel of hanging wisteria flowers that led right into the ballroom, which was also draped in wisteria. There was a huge chandelier and a throne set up for the queen. It really felt like we were on a movie set.

There were portraits all around the ballroom of past attendees who had their portraits done by this really cool AI software they had at the event. My family and I had them done and it was lovely. For the past couple of years, we've done these themed family portraits and were definitely due for another one, so it worked out perfectly. My mom definitely looked like a rich matriarch.

Just like the show, there was a section of the event where all the attendees would come up to the queen and bow. My sister and I did some basic curtsies in front of her, but some people did amazing acrobatics to catch the queen's eye. This is because later on in the event, just like the show, she was going to choose a diamond.

Frau Hannah with prince charming
I got a picture with prince charming, don't we look great together?

The actors did an amazing job at staying in character the whole event. There were servants next to the queen who would whisper into her ear, there were knights on guard throughout the ballroom, and the love you could see in the actors' eyes as they danced was memorizing.

The performances were amazing! There was dancing just like how they dance in the show, there was a live quartet, and aerial acrobatics. The highlight for me was definitely when they were hanging from the chandelier.

After all the dancing, we headed over to the bar to grab some Bridgerton themed cocktails such as the Whistledown & Dirty or the Lady Bridgerton. They also had mocktails such as Penelope's Lemonade and Cucumber Gimlet, as well as water, sparking water, and some soft drinks.

As the event was coming to a close, we were all taken to the photo opt area where they had these magical and royal photo sets built. We got some beautiful photos.

In this room, they also had props from the show and some Bridgerton merch for sale such as tiaras, bags, jewelry, and so on.

Gosh it was so much fun to be a princess for a day. I would love to do another event just like this one and be a princess all over again. It's not just in Toronto, they are doing these events all over Canada and the US. If you go, you have to let me know how it was for you!


Because I went to this event, me and 100 other attendees got an exclusive invite to watch the premiere of the new Netflix show Queen Charlotte a week before it's release on Netflix.

Amazing show, you have to watch it! I wore my tiara while watching and really got into the history behind it all.

Have you watched Bridgerton or Queen Charlotte?

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