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Things My Students Have Given Me

students drawing

As some of you may know, since graduating, I've been working as an elementary school English and Math teacher at a private center.

Since starting this job, I've been given a few things from students that I cherish.

Let me show you them!


Drawing from a student

The most recent thing I was given by one of my students was during a break in the class. He was drawing and decided to give me his drawing.

I'm not totally sure what it is if I'm honest, but I asked him to write his name on it so I can remember that he was the one who drew it.

I ask all my students to do this for the same reason, so you'll often see names on these pictures

One of my ESL students loves to draw cats, unicorn cats to be specific. One day, before class started, she came over to me and gave me this adorable drawing she made at home.

It starts as a present, but folds out to reveal a unicorn cat on the inside. How cute!

This same student gave me another drawing, though a little more abstract this time, and it's two-sided. On the one side it looks to be a butterfly with magic wands, and the other seems to be 2 blue haired girls, one happy and one sad, in the moonlight.

Letter from a student

At the start of the new year, we had a teacher move onto her next adventure in her career and so I took over her students.

She was a wonderful teacher and so her students were quite attached to her.

They were sad to see her go, so naturally some of her students lashed out as they took time to warm up to me.

This one student however, took to me right away. On our first ever class, she gave me this hand written letter with stickers.

The letter reads:

"Dear: mrs. hannah

I'm happy your my new teacher and I'm happy that you are teaching me!!!!!"

I felt so welcomed.

Colouring sheets from students

For some of my students, I have what are called focus colouring sheets. These sheets help them stay on task since they have something to look forward to after completing their work.

The idea is that once they finish an assigned page in their booklets, they can colour the corresponding number on their colouring sheet. Once they do 1 page, they colour in number 1 and so on.

Sometimes my students will take these colouring pages home once they've been completed, some decide to keep them in their cubbies, and others give them to me. These are two I've gotten from different students. Funnily enough though, both student were named Lauren.

When I was doing my TESOL certification, my professor had the students create name tags with an adjective that started with the first letter of their name (e.g. Happy Hannah). This was done to help her remember their names and help the other students get to know each other. It's a great strategy!

Names of my ESL Students

When I joined in the third week of classes, they did this again for a few days to help me get to know their names. At the end of my practicum, I got to keep these name tags. I decided to arts and craft them together. The name tags are special to me because this was my first ever ESL class. I want to remember them for years to come.

These same students gave me a card, that they all signed, at the end of my practicum as well.

Their little draws and well wishing messages are things I will cherish forever.

This year for Valentines day, a student who I teach in the mornings brought me a doughnut, while another student gave me one of those kit-kats that have To: and From: on them.

It was such an adorable highlight to my day.

Christmas card from a student

Last year, I did a lot of supply teaching. Because of that, I taught a lot of students only once or twice. I still see a lot of these students in center, I'm just not their main teacher usually.

Despite only having taught them once, I still had a student remember me and even give me a Christmas card during the holidays.

It sat on my tree all festive season long.

These are the things,, thus far in my teaching career, that students have given me. I look forward to continuing to build a collection of teacher memories through these adorable mementos.


Students, have you ever given something to a teacher? Teachers, what's your most favourite thing you've ever received from a student?

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