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A New City Every Month

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Frau Hannah on a plane

Hallo Studenten! Ich heiße Frau Hannah und ich bin ihre Deutsch- und Englischlehrerin.

Naturally, I love second language teaching but I also love to travel. I am currently in my final year of my degree, so I can't travel as much or as far. But I would still like to travel, and so my idea is to visit a new city every month until April - when I finish my degree.

Since I study in Canada, I will mostly visit cities in Canada. I can stay in a new city max. 4 days, short I know, but it is still travel.

"When there is a will, there's a way."

I would like to write a blog post and film a video for my YouTube about my travels. It is new for me and I still have to study, so please be patient with me.

Let's have fun! Enjoy the journey!


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