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Jim's Farm Market in Rockwood, Ontario Canada

Jim Farm Market

While on the road during our trip to the Cheltenham Badlands, we passed by a sign raving about this farm fresh sweet corn, so naturally we had to stop.

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored, I just like this farm


This family owned and operated farm is called Jim's Farm Market and is located in Rockwood, Ontario Canada.

While they are known for their sweet corn, that's not the only thing they have. There are also tons of fruits and veg, farm fresh eggs, herbs and plants for sale, homemade canned goods, and some baked treats like banana bread and rhubarb crumble. You can see all they have on offer over on their Facebook or Instagram.

Jim Farm Market produce

As we were chatting away with the owner, she was telling us that, while the price of seeds and farming has increased, the prices at the market haven't. This is great for Canadians as the prices at grocery stores have been skyrocketing.

The farm is cash only like most farmers markets, but if you don't have cash like we didn't, no worries. There's a bank only a 5 minute drive away.

Corn, garlic, cucmbers, peaches

We picked up some cucumbers, corn, peaches, and garlic. Mom also picked up the rhubarb crumble.

Just look at the photos (below)! Isn't that the biggest garlic clove you've ever seen! Look how it compares to the palm of my hand!

I made some delicious pasta salad with the cucumbers and this simple, but delicious, peach tea drink with the peaches. If you like boba or aloe juice, you'll like this drink!

The corn definitely lived up to its reputation! Look at the beautiful bright yellow colour! With just a little bit of vegan butter and salt, it was perfect! It may just be my latest food obsession.

I can definitely see why the locals love this farm so much. The produce was delicious, the owner is the coolest, and the prices are great! When you're in the area next, I definitely recommend checking them out!

Tell them Frau Hannah sent you and say hi for me!


It's during these little spontaneous side adventures where you meet some of the coolest people and, in my case, enjoy the yummiest food!

On your next trip, make sure to leave space in your schedule for the unexpected.

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