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Tips for Camping

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

A group of friends eating together at a campsite

I went camping for my graduation trip and it did not go as planned. Thankfully, I have learned from this experience and have a few tips I hope will be help you on your next camping trip.


Check your Campsite's Amenities

Our campsite had a wonderful variety of amenities for us to enjoy. There was a beach, a pool, canoes and peddle boats we could rent, and a petting area where we could feed goats and pigs. There was also many outdoor activities such as a tennis net, soccer posts, horseshoe, a playground for children, and table tennis in the picnic area.

We didn't need to bring much with us in the way of entertainment since our campsite had lots of activities and experiences for us to enjoy.

While our main campsite didn't have electricity or running water, there were washer and dryers onsite, an outdoor area for washing dishes, as well as communal toilets and showers.

I did expect the laundry to have a cost ($2CAD), but I was surprised to see that the showers also had a price, $1CAD for 5 minutes and $2CAD for 10 minutes. Had I known this before, I would've brought change. Thankfully, my sister had some change I could borrow.

It's things like these that are important to check before going camping. It will help you decide what you need to bring and what is already provided for you, free of charge or for a cost.

Check the Weather Before Going Camping

Camping during most types of weather is possible IF you are prepared.

I remember one camping trip where I woke up because there was water dripping on my forehead. I was pretty disoriented so I wasn't sure what was happening exactly.

It took me a while to realize that it was in fact raining. Trying to fix a tent leak in the freezing cold rain and wind, with nothing by a flashlight while you're groggy and getting bitten by bugs is a horrible way to start the day.

Long story short, save yourself the trouble and check the weather before camping, so you can prepare appropriately.

Waterproof your Tent

Morning dew on grass

Even if rain isn't forecasted, you should still water proof your tent because of morning dew.

Living in a home, it's easy to forget that morning dew exists. I definitely did not remember it was a thing until I had to use the washroom at 3am. It was pitch black and I was walking through the grass leaving me with soaked running shoes and socks.

It may also help to bring waterproof shoes or an extra pair of shoes, especially if you plan on hiking.


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