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Loveless & Waterparks Concert in Toronto

Updated: Mar 25

Loveless and Waterparks concert in Toronto

I've officially been to 3 concerts in my life now, the 3rd being the most recent which was a Loveless and Waterparks concert in Toronto!

Let me tell you all about it!


On March 11th, a friend and I went to HISTORY in Toronto to watch a Loveless & Waterparks concert.

Initially, we weren't sure how late the show was going to be, so we made plans with a mutual friend, who lives in Toronto, to stay over at her place for the night. We were going to go home in the morning, but then a mutual friend of ours messaged the group chat. He let us know he was working on a film set in Toronto the next day, and would be done around noon. This lead to an impromptu hangout. It was a crazy 2 days.

Let's start with the concert. The concert was unreal!

I haven't been a Loveless fan for long, less than a month? The friend I went to the concert with was actually the one who introduced me to them. One night, we were playing a music guessing game with his noise canceling headphones and the song Picaso came up. Instantly fell in love!

You can imagine how I felt hearing it live at the concert! They had an amazing blue and green light show during the performance, which is so fitting for the song. They also played addicted and lighthouse, which are my 2 other favs from them.

They only had an hour long set though. I would've loved if they had played for longer, but it wasn't just Loveless that played at this show, Waterparks also played that night.

We went for Loveless and didn't actually know Waterparks prior to going to the concert, though it sure seemed like everyone else did.

The fans that came to this show definitely had a dark, alternative fashion style. I'm glad I chose to wear black, but I definitely still stuck out since I didn't have eclectic makeup on or interestingly coloured hair. The friend I went with always wears black and already has an alternative look, so he fit right in.

Since we only came for Loveless, we weren't sure if we were going to stay for Waterparks, but I'm sure glad we did! The heavy bass in the songs, the stage design, the crowd work from Waterparks, the energy of the crowd, everything was so infectious and addictive.

There was a moment in the show, can't remember which song it was, where they had this explosion of green light. It quite literally took my breath away!

When it comes to concerts, I find myself often lost for words. I get completely mesmerized, and in a state of pure bliss when around such loud music. It's transportive honestly.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of screaming singing songs along with your favourite artists, dancing along to the beat of the music, and sharing in the excitement from all the other fans around you. The energy is everything at concerts and absolutely my favourite thing.

We might not have been able to sing along with Waterparks' songs like we could Loveless', but it was still absolutely amazing!

Both bands were surreal and I would 100% go see another show of either of theirs.

By the time the concert finished, it was around 10:30ish, which was earlier than I expected. I thought we would be there till about 11:30-12:30. Worked in our favour though since we had an hour long train ride back to Union station.

Before heading out, I had to collect my coat from coat check. While in line, I remember hearing the people behind me saying "Next time, we need to bring water and a power bank", and that's honestly some of the best advice for concerts. Water is a must, especially with all the cheering and scream singing. A power bank for your phone(s) is a smart idea too, especially if you're new to the area they're playing in, which we were.

Thankfully, I turned off my phone before the concert started. By the time we got out, my phone was at 22% and my friends phone was at 5% as he was taking videos and photos during. (Thank him for the photos and videos above)

Because we got out so early, I thought we had loads of time to kill at Union station, but it ended up being misunderstanding, which, again, worked out in our favour. As I was on the phone to our mutual friend, discovering she had gotten off work earlier and so could meet up with us now, this homeless man came up to us and began a conversation.

Frau Hannah at Union Station

If I was on my own, I think the interaction would've scared me honestly, but he ended up being a really cool guy. He asked about our backgrounds, what languages we spoke, and even spoke/sang some German for me. I didn't get his name, but I hope I see him again the next time I'm in Toronto.

Pretty much after this interaction is when we met up with our mutual friend and went on our way. Her place was really cute and cozy and in such a beautiful place in Toronto. The concert was such amazing high energy that by the end, I was spent. So, practically as soon as we got in the door, it was time for pj's and blankets.

I'm definitely not a night owl, but these two definitely are. They stayed up chatting and catching up until 2am. By that time, I was falling asleep and, since I was sleeping in the living room, they decided to call it a night. We also need to be up by 9am.

It been a long time since I had a sleepover with friends, so I wasn't sure how I'd sleep, but I honestly slept so well. I was so cozy and comfy. I find, since traveling a lot, I've gotten used to sleeping in different places, so much so, that I have trouble sleeping at home sometimes. I often need to switch up where I sleep at home (bed, couch, etc.) to get to sleep some nights.

That said though, I woke up exhausted. I definitely don't do late nights well. Thankfully, we had a pretty chill morning. We spent most of it sitting on the couch, chatting, and drinking our coffees/teas before heading out to meet up with our other mutual friend. He was working on a film set in Toronto till about noon, so we agreed to meet up around then.

Thrifting at Black market Underground

We didn't quite have a plan for this impromptu hangout. We were going to tour the film set, but ended up not having the time. Instead, we went thrift shopping, went to the Eaton center to check out a few stores, and got Chipotle and bubble tea. My latest obsession is the mango diamond slush from Real Fruit Tea, it's so freaking good!

I had so much fun wandering around the streets and shops of Toronto with this bunch. We made some beautiful memories together, I couldn't be more grateful.

The day had to come to end eventually though. I might've been on March break, but the guys had to work at 3am and 5am the next day. So, we said our goodbyes and made our way back home.

We took a commuter Go-Train which meant it was absolutely packed. I don't think we got a seat until we had 3 more stops to go. Even though we had to stand for most of the trip, I had a really good chat with our film set friend. Got to pick his brain some and learn more about him. Definitely made the ride worth while.

Honestly, I think my favourite part of this entire trip was the memories I made with my friends. So looking forward to the next adventure!

The funky bunch


I'm not sure I've told this story before, but 2 years ago I willingly quit the job I was working at the time to focus on finishing my degree well and travel. During those 2 years, I was constantly traveling around Canada, America, and Europe. I went to Germany, Luxmebourg, Texas, Virginia, New York, Niagara, Cheltenham Badlands, just to name a few.

While reflecting on this adventure, it's made me realize how much I miss when these adventures were my day to day, week to week, month to month. Right now, they are more spaced out and closer to home.

That's not a bad thing though. I've chosen to focus more on my teaching career right now, which means being closer to home more often, but I definitely miss having them more frequently.


I think this adventure has only solidified even more for me how much I miss the lifestyle I had prior, back when the blog was my main focus. I miss you guys!

I love teaching with ever fiber of my being, but I also love traveling and adventures. I definitely feel pulled in two directions. Maybe my next big adventure can blend the two?

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