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The Big Bounce Canada

Updated: May 26

The word's biggest bouncy house

Recently, a few friends and I went the Big Bounce Canada event just outside of Toronto.

There were a variety of different bouncy castles, some with a DJ, some with ball pits, and more.

Let me tell you all about it!


The weekend we were originally going to this bouncy castle event ended up being rescheduled by the organizers, so we had to do some moving around of plans to make it work. We ended up going the Friday before Mother's Day, right after work for a lot of us.

As a result, we were all pretty tired on the drive up, so we didn't talk too much. But, oh boy, did that change once we got Woodbridge Fair.

The biggest bouncy house

We were all running a tad behind schedule, so our time slot for The Biggest Bouncy Castle, which had a DJ, was nearly up. We B-lined it to this one as soon as we got there and enjoyed what we could before we had to move to the next one. This was the only bouncy castle with a scheduled time slot.

It has been pretty wet and rainy the week leading up to the event, so when we got there, the fair was pretty muddy. They told us, however, to wear sandals (easy to slip on shoes) for getting in between the bouncy castles. We were also told to wear socks in the bouncy castles, so most of us has socks and sandals on.

I'm a germaphobe, so walking through the mud in nothing but socks and sandals was beyond yucky for me. My friends, being the awesome people they are, often picked me up and carried me across the mud.

It was quite the funny sight to see and a bit princess-y of me, but I love them for it.

Because of how wet and rainy it had been, some of the bouncy castles were flooded and muddy. I remember one bouncy castle had a section that was practically a foot bath, and the obstacle course castle was covered in mud from other participants feet.

It also didn't help that the only bathrooms were porta-pottys, but that's to be expected at an outside event.

Bouncy Castle tennis court

The bouncy castle we went to after the biggest one was called Sports Slam. There was a giant tennis net, a giant basketball section, a "rock"climbing wall, and a battle zone. Everything was made of soft or inflated material (inflated beach balls, small and giant, foam blocks, etc.).

We, of course, had to battle each other in the battle zone, tried jumping over and through the holes in the tennis net, threw the inflated balls at each other, and gave the "rock" climbing wall a shot. It did not go well for those of us above 6'/180cm.

After this one, we made our way over to the giant 5 lane slide bouncy castle. Here, we climbed up a foam wall after they gave us burlap sacks to ride down in (again, didn't work for those of us over 6'/180cm though).

Next was the Air Space castles. In this section, there were 2 bouncy castles that had multiple ball pits in them. In the first one, there were ball pit balls on either side. Of course, being the childish lot we are, we started a ball pit war. (How can you not when there is an ball pit right in front of you?) It began simply with a ball pit ball being thrown and spiraled into all all out war.

Initially, it was just within our friend group, but slowly, other people joined in. There was a guy inside the ball pit who, not only had endless "ammo", but also great cover. Those of us on the outside were hiding behind the various structures while trying collect "ammo".

At one point, when I started to get tired, I sat right next to the ball pit, in his blind spot, to collect more "ammo" since so many "miss-fired" balls at pooled there. There were many "flying" attacks, lightning rounds, battle cries, and so much more.

This was by far my favourite part of the whole night. It was so freeing to see all of us getting to be childish together, and with strangers.

The second bouncy castle with ball pits happened to be the last one we went to. This one also had multiple ball pits, but since there were 5 of us, we didn't all fit in one ball pit. So, we spread out between 2. This is where more shenanigans happened.

We ended up having another ball pit war with each other, but this time to see who could escape the ball pit and who couldn't.

I remember one of my friends got me by the knee and wouldn't let go, while another was trying his hardest to pull me out. We resorted to poking, jabbing, and tickling. Essentially, anything that would get us free. I did get free eventually, but not without a few bruises.

Needless to say, by the end of the night, all of us were very tired. I woke up the next day very sore, but it was so worth it to have created all those memories, and to have shared all those laughs.

It was so cathartic to act like children alongside other adults who were more than happy to do the same.

giant bouncy castle couch

I really encourage you to go to the next Big Bounce Canada event. This event really gave us a break from being the responsible adults we have to be in our day to day lives.

It's so worth the ticket price, the travel time, and the rearranging of schedules.

Thank you Big Bounce Canada for such a fun night!

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