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The St. Lawrence Farmers Market, Gooderham Building, & Berczy Park

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The St. Lawrence Market

I've been spending a lot of time in Toronto recently.

On one of my day trips, I was exploring the St Lawrence Farmers Market, a well known farmers market only a 10 minute walk from Union station, Berczy Park, and another Toronto landmark The Gooderham Building.

Let me tell you all about it!


St. Lawrence Farmers Market

The St. Lawrence Farmers Market has been operating in Toronto since 1803. It has 2 floors that are full of bakeries, grocery items, sweets shops, cafes, lots of meat and cheese specialty vendors, as well as a flower shop. There are also a few restaurants and snacks bars.

There is certainly no shortage of yummy foods here. However, while I've been wanting to visit the market for quite some time now, to be honest, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I have visited many other farmer's markets and have enjoyed them more than this one.

Now, this market isn't bad and definitely still worth a visit, it's just that it feels a bit misplaced in the mega urban city that is Toronto. For me, the way to the St. Lawrence Market was more interesting.

Gooderham "Flatiron' Building

If you're walking from Union station, you'll pass by both Berczy Park and the Gooderham Flatiron Building.

The Gooderham building

Gooderham Flatiron Building is a historical 1892 Toronto landmark, and is located on 49 Wellington Street East.

Does this building look familiar to you? That's because this landmark looks very similar to the iconic Flatiron building in New York. This is actually where the Gooderham building got it's nickname Flatiron from, though the Gooderham building is actually older.

This building was originally built for a man named George Gooderham, the president Canada's largest liquor distillery called Gooderham and Worts. George used this building as an office space and surprisingly, it still an office space today. A pub was added to the basement floor though.

Berczy Park

Berczy Park is this little park right behind the Gooderham Flatiron building. It has the most adorable doggy water fountain!

All around the fountain are these dog statues, all sorts of breeds, and one cat. They're all shooting water into the fountain, towards the top. It just seems like an adorable fountain at first. When I got closer though, I couldn't help but laugh since there there's a golden bone at the top of the fountain. How cute!

Jacob's ladder by Luis Jacob

The park also has an art installation called Jacob's ladder from the artist Luis Jacob. It's two giant metal hands attached at the finger by rope.

The art piece is said to be inspired by the kids game of cats cradle. It brings a sense of child-like fun to the park.

Overall, it was a good low key day spent exploring more of what Toronto has to offer.


How would you spend a summer day in Toronto?

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