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Why I Travel

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Frau Hannah in Luxembourg

Hello again! Welcome back.

You might be wondering why I travel as much as I do. Isn't is exhausting? Isn't it expensive?

Yes and yes, but, this is my normal.


For as long as I can remember, my family has moved around a ton.

Frau Hannah as a kid in a museum
Young Frau Hannah being silly in a Museum

I currently live in Ontario, but I was born in Nova Scotia. Shortly after I was born, my family and I moved to Ohio for a year. From there, we moved to Ontario and lived in multiple different cities. A few years later, we moved to Germany, traveled around Europe some, then moved back to Canada. We then lived in some more cities around Ontario, and after a few years I moved out.

Since moving out, I've continued the trend of moving around a lot. I've been back to Germany, explored more of the US, and am currently adventuring all over Canada. I see myself likely moving to another country in the next year or so, not sure where yet though.

Moving around was and continues to be my normal. It's what's most familiar to me. Because of this, one of the assumptions I get is that I'm from a military family. I'm not, even though my dad was a cadet when he was a teen.

Frau Hannah on a plane

People also get confused about my background. I've been asked if I'm German and, very recently, I've had people ask if I'm American. I'm neither. I'm actually a 3rd generation Dutch-Canadian who simply loves to travel often.

When I don't travel around, things feel off. My series A New City Every Month was started as a way to keep my cabin fever/wanderlust down. Since I was in the last year of my BA, I couldn't do much international travel, so I opted to do more domestic travel.

I did most of my adventuring within Canada to Toronto, London, Niagara, and Blue Mountain, but also did some international travel to Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, and Michigan.

I will be doing some more international travel this year in August, and have some fun Canadian travels planned, so stay tuned for those.


If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comment below.

Also, check out my travels in the posts below.

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